Smoking Hot! The Ninja Woodfire Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker

Ninja Woodfire Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker

Summer is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to dust off your BBQ and get grilling. But before you break out the charcoal or propane, consider the convenience and ease of the Ninja Woodfire Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker OG701UK.

Convenient Outdoor Living

With the Ninja Woodfire, you don’t have to worry about lighting charcoal or gas. Simply plug it in, and you’re ready to go. This makes it a great option for outdoor living, whether you’re in a garden, on a patio, at a campsite, or even on a balcony.

Grill, Smoke, and Air Fry

The Ninja Woodfire is a versatile outdoor cooking appliance that can grill, smoke, air fry, roast, bake, reheat, and dehydrate. The integrated smoker box burns natural wood pellets, infusing your food with authentic woodfire flavors. And with the air frying basket, you can enjoy crispy, delicious food with up to 75% less fat than deep frying.

Ninja Woodfire, Easy to Clean

Cleaning up after a BBQ can be a hassle, but with the Ninja Woodfire, it’s easy. The non-stick grill plate and removable grease tray make cleanup a breeze. Plus, the premium materials used to build the Ninja Woodfire are weather-resistant, making it easy to leave it outside all summer long.

Feed a Crowd

The Ninja Woodfire is perfect for entertaining guests or throwing a party. The large grill plate can fit up to 8 burgers, 16 sausages, 2 racks of ribs, or a 2kg pork shoulder. And with the air frying basket, you can cook up to 1kg of wings or wedges. Plus, you can easily cook from frozen to chargrilled, making it a great option for no-prep weeknight BBQs.

Signature Wood Pellet Blends

The Ninja Woodfire comes with two signature wood pellet blends: the Robust Blend and the All-Purpose Blend. The Robust Blend is perfect for beef, pork, and chicken, while the All-Purpose Blend is balanced and sweet, making it delicious with fish and vegetables. And because the pellets are used for flavor and not fuel, you only need one scoop to take your BBQ to the next level.

More Accessories Coming Soon

Enhance your Ninja Woodfire with even more accessories, including a flat plate for searing and sautéing, a combo-crisper basket to cook mains and sides at the same time, and a folding grill stand. And if you love to bake, you’ll want to check out the ZEROSTICK Bakeware Collection, which lets you bake and cook your favourite sweet and savoury treats in the electric BBQ.

What Are You Waiting For!

The Ninja Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker is a convenient and versatile outdoor cooking appliance that’s perfect for summer BBQs, outdoor living, entertaining guests, and more. With its easy-to-clean design, large cooking surface, and signature wood pellet blends, it’s a must-have for anyone who loves to grill, smoke, and air fry. So, get ready to enjoy delicious, authentic woodfire flavors all summer long with the Ninja Woodfire.

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