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Food historian and cookbook author Francine Segan has travelled through all the regions of Italy to gather the most creative dishes that contemporary Italians prepare at home and in restaurants. This collection of new and unique recipes comes from food bloggers, home cooks, artisan pasta makers and Italy’s cutting-edge chefs. We will include 100 distinctive pasta recipes that range from the simple and elegant–Gemelli with Caramelised Oranges and Crispy Pancetta–to the more complex creations–the Neapolitan Carnivale Lasagna–to the cutting edge–Cappuccino Caper Pasta. The book will also feature information and anecdotes on regional festivals and artisan food producers, many vegan and vegetarian specialties, step-by-step instructions for flavouring fresh pasta, a glossary of more than 50 extraordinary dried pasta shapes and 12 fresh pastas and a resource guide.

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