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Wheat Belly Cookbook


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150 delicious wheat-free recipes for effortless weight loss and optimum health Accompanying recipe book to the New York Times best-seller, Wheat Belly… Wheat-free does not mean that you have to do without pizza, muffins, or cookies. The Wheat Belly Cookbook shows the reader how to recreate delicious wheat-free dishes using only healthy ingredients, including no gluten-free junk carbohydrate ingredients – so that you can enjoy a few slices of sausage pizza, chocolate chip cookies, or mocha walnut brownies without health consequences or guilt. And as studies have shown that cutting out wheat can help you to shed the pounds – without having to calorie count or exercise – you can even continue to eat your favourite foods whilst losing weight! In addition to the 150 sumptuous dishes, there is an entire wheat-free baking chapter and a helpful section on creating a healthy, safe wheat-free kitchen. The Wheat Belly Cookbook is your guide to living a slim, vibrant, and delicious life.

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