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The Keto Paleo Miracle


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Heal your metabolism and lose weight fast with The Keto Paleo Miracle. These 80 recipes are designed to shift your fat, carb and protein ratios so you are eating a Paleo diet, but with Keto ratios. The focus is to create a diet that’s 65-70% fat, 25% protein and 10% carbs to maximise fat burn and get the weight off in a good way but fast. A member of our respected Paleo program as well as a high profile member of the large Paleo community, Vivica Menegaz designed and uses this program with her patients as a sustainable way of eating for health and long-term weight loss. Dairy-free and with no processed ingredients, she teaches readers how to combine their ratios to keep carbs under a certain limit and avoid allergens, all with easy recipes and meal plans. Vivica even includes Basics for making your favourite recipes Keto Paleo friendly. Start and lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle today! This book features 80 delicious recipes and 60 mouthwatering photographs.

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