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Raw is More: Uncooked Food for Every Day


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This book is about making raw food striking and delicious. Raw food contains more water and fibre as well as special enzymes that break down the food, making it more digestible and better for you. With nothing faddy or trying to make dishes that should never be raw, Eccie and Gini emphasise that flavour always comes first. If you’re too busy to get to grips with your hob, or are sick of making vast batches on a Sunday to last you through the week – they are going to make raw your default for Monday nights in front of the TV, for simple suppers with friends, and for a knock-out packed lunch at the office. Recipes include Cauliflower Tabouleh, Carrot Flatbreads with Pistachio Labneh, Mozzarella & Tomato Pizza, Pad Thai, Salmon Chirasi, Sea bass Ceviche, and Avocado & Chocolate Mousse Tart.

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