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The Paleo way of life has been around for a long time but only in the last couple of years have its benefits been more widely known and its lifestyle practised. The Paleo diet restricts processed foods, sugars, grains and dairy products and encourages a simple diet of fresh fruit and vegetables along with proteins and nuts and seeds. Living the Paleo lifestyle though is much more than a diet. It draws on the core values of the lifestyles of our historical ancestors who ate whole, unprocessed foods, who moved around more than we do, who slept better and had less stress. It is about having a conscious awareness of the food that we put into our body and the effect it has on our body. It is also about making healthy choices for our body in all areas of our life, so prioritising good sleeping habits, exercising regularly and working to reduce stress are all equally as important for optimum health. With over 60 recipes, there’s plenty of inspiration for paleo-friendly dishes for every mealtime.

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