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Nourish: Mind, Body and Soul


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We get so much more out of life when we feel positive and energised and therefore it is such a shame when the everyday pressures of life build up and we find ourselves doing almost anything simply to get by and end up a long way from the ideal that we still wistfully have in mind. Full of the wisdom and good nourishment that helped Sadie, Holly and Amber through their own personal struggles and setbacks, Nourish promises to restore you to the path of complete well-being. With Amber’s delicious food to nourish the body, Holly’s exercises to strengthen it and Sadie’s beauty recipes to soothe the skin and yoga and meditation routines to still the mind, this beautiful book is the perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of modern life, proving that there is always a way to stay nourished and happy.

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