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Great Food, All Day Long


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At one time, I described myself as a cook, a driver, and a writer. I no longer drive, but I still do write and I do still cook. And having reached the delicious age of eighty-one, I realize that I have been feeding other people and eating for a long time. I have been cooking nearly all my life, so I have developed some philosophies.’With her second cookbook, Maya Angelou turns her attention to good food, well-made and eaten in moderation, and gives us time-tested recipes along with intimate autobiographical sketches of how they came to be. Packed with delicious dishes here can be eaten in small portions, many times a day and, more importantly, converted into other mouth-watering incarnations. Great Food, All Day Long is an essential reference for everyone who wants to eat more healthily and joyfully – and a delightful peek into the kitchen and heart of a remarkable woman.

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