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Frozen Yoghurt


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Packed with more than 60 recipes for yogurt in all its guises – from frozen yogurt with summer fruits, berries, nuts and chocolate to frozen yogurt cheesecake – this is a definitive guide to the delicious frozen treat. Included are yogurt desserts made with dulce de leche, peanut butter or lemon curd, chilled yogurt milkshakes and lassis, and recipes for and crunchy toppings for sprinkling. From healthy, mid-morning pick-me-ups like Green Milkshake with Spinach, Kiwi Fruit and Spirulina to decadent desserts that can be made in a sorbet maker, blender or in an ice box, this book has all yogurt options covered. The design and styling is young, fresh and bright and yogurt is always the hero!

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