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Everyday Diabetes Meals


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The recipes are designed for one or two people, but can be easily scaled up if you are entertaining. Careful meal planning is paramount when it comes to managing diabetes and these delicious and healthy recipes will help you do that – they are easy to prepare and specifically designed for one or two people. Living with diabetes takes planning, effort and thought. This shift in lifestyle may seem daunting, but this cookery book will make it so much easier. The 150 recipes designed for just one or two servings will ease any nutrition anxiety because all the work has been done for you. Each recipe meets the Diabetes Association’s recommendation standard of 45 gram to 60 gram carbohydrate allotment. These recipes will eliminate or decrease risk of insulin resistance, eliminate or decrease hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic episodes and decrease your risk for the health issues associated with diabetes. And what is more, you will reduce your food bill, your waistline and improve your blood sugar management! Every meal, occasion and event has been taken into consideration when Laura and Lisa developed these recipes. This is where their years of experience in nutritional counselling and diabetes educator experience proves invaluable. From workday lunches to birthday dinners, Christmas dinner, and gluten-free options, Laura and Lisa offer delicious and practical meal ideas. Recipes are organised into: * Breakfast is Served; * Lunches for You or Two; * Dinner – Party of Two; * Savoury Snacks; * Sweet Snacks; * Bonus Section – Hungry for the Holidays; * Bonus Section 2 – Everyday Occasions. They also offer excellent information on the many faces of diabetes, the complications associated with diabetes and when to screen for them, and the connection between inflammation, obesity and diabetes and much more.

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