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Eat Your Way To Lower Cholesterol


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Delicious, cholesterol-lowering recipes for all the family from leading medical and nutritional experts.The fact is that 60 per cent of Britons have unhealthy cholesterol levels and doctors agree that food is the best approach when it comes to lowering cholesterol. This is not a weight-loss diet but a cookbook based on the very latest medical research into key foods that are proven to have an active role in reducing cholesterol.Food and nutrition expert Ian Marber and Dr Laura Corr have identified six key foods: fibres such as beans and pulses, nuts, soya, healthy oils, oats and other beta-glucan foods, and smart foods – that are proven to help lower cholesterol by up to 20% in just three months. EAT YOUR WAY TO LOWER CHOLESTEROL will include advice on how to balance your diet and keep eating the foods you love, including cheese, eggs, red meat and shellfish. This groundbreaking cookbook combines the latest medical and nutritional information with delicious recipes, all of which contain key cholesterol-lowering ingredients.

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