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Delicious, Healthy, Sugar-Free


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Mouthwatering recipes and simple, sound advice for boosting your healthIf you love fresh exciting food but like to stick to a healthy diet, this book will revolutionise your meals. Delicious, Healthy, Sugar-Free combines the in-depth knowledge of leading nutrition expert Patrick Holford, who founded the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, and nutritional therapist and cookery consultant, Fiona McDonald Joyce. It includes:* What a well-balanced diet really means and what to eat for optimum energy, health and weight control* How to reduce your sugar intake without compromising on flavour* Advice on the best superfoods and how to use them in your diet* Delicious recipes for everything from light bites, lunches and fish, meat and veggie main courses, to salads, sweet treats and snacks – all inspired by favourite cuisines from around the world.Easy to follow, practical yet inspiring, Delicious, Healthy, Sugar-Free will help you to become healthier while enjoying all the pleasures of good food. You can have your cake and eat it.***NOTE: this book was first published as FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD. It has been renamed to better reflect its content.

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