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Modern Pressure Cooking


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The pressure cooker is the next big thing in the cooking world, and it’s already becoming more affordable and more popular. Private chef and media personality Bren Herrera has more than 100 recipes to show you all the incredible food you can make with it. Bren Herrera appears regularly on the cooking programs of local and national media like the TODAY Show, NPR, NBC’s “Daytime” morning show and CNN Espanol. She’s worked with many talented chefs such as Emeril Lagasse and Joel Robuchon. She uses her Cuban roots to add flavour and flair and diversity to her recipes, such as Sweet Pea and Mint Soup with Creme Fraiche, Shiraz Wine-Reduced Australian Lamb Shank, Ancho Chile and Cilantro Short Ribs, One-Pot Creamy Spinach and Potato Lentils, 10-Minute Kidney Beans with Chorizo and 3 of Bren’s signature flans like Decadent Espresso and Toasted Almond Flan – plus a whole chapter of classic and fusion plates from Bren’s Cuban kitchen such as Rabo Encendido (Peppered Red Wine Oxtail) and The Best Yucca in Garlic Mojo Ever. This is the perfect cookbook to pair with a recent purchase or gift of a pressure cooker, as Bren truly embodies the energy and delightful food culture of today.

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