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Microwave Recipes For One


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The microwave has many advantages over conventional cooking: it’s quicker, more economical, cleaner and easier. Microwave ovens take up very little space. They produce fewer cooking smells and less steam, and kitchen/cooking areas remain cool. Annette Yates’ book is designed specifically for the person who lives alone, or who has to prepare individual meals for some other reason: perhaps members of the family need to eat at different times or have conflicting tastes and preferences, or perhaps someone is on a special diet which requires food to be cooked separately. Included are recipes for: breakfasts; soups, starters and sauces; fish, meat, poultry, vegetable, cheese, egg and pasta dishes; and desserts – PLUS an indispensable cooking guide which explains how to adapt family recipe instructions to the smaller amounts needed for a single portion.

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