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Fish, Indian Style


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“Fish, Indian Style” is a book of simple and easy recipes, marrying fish with the spices and flavors of India. Atul Kochhar is one of the finest Indian chefs in the country, renowned for the vibrancy of his food and the subtlety of his spice mixes. He was the first Indian chef to be awarded a Michelin star and he has become the recognizable face of Indian cuisine on television. His innovative take on food has taken him through two whole series of the BBC’s “Great British Menu” and continue to win him an admiring public through regular appearances on “Saturday Cooks” and “Saturday Kitchen”. He has his own series on UKTV Food scheduled for 2008. In “Fish, Indian Style”, Kochhar applies a simple but distinctive touch to more than a hundred fish dishes. Tandoori-style salmon, Seared scallops with a lively mint dressing and Sea bass in coconut milk and ginger sauce are just a few of the uniquely-skewered dishes on show. The book also includes Kochhar’s celebrated take on battered fish with mushy peas which he prepared for the “Great British Menu”: John Dory wrapped in a batter spiked with turmeric, ginger, masala and mango powder; peas flavored with asatoelida, and ketchup substituted for a grilled tomato chutney. It’s typical of the book – a traditional dish transformed by an Indian twist. All of Kochhar’s recipes showcase wonderful ways to present fish bursting with new anflavorsng flavours. This is a book for everyone to get excited about, packed with exotic but simple recipes from one of the most exciting Indian chefs working today. This book features stunning food photography from one of the best in the business – the inimitable David Loftus.

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