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The Art of Making Gelato


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Learn how to make authentic Italian gelato at home with gelato aficionado Morgan Morano-featuring a step-by-step photo-illustrated introduction to the craft; a guide to its machines, tools, and ingredients; and 50 outstanding gelato and sorbetto recipes. Gelato, derived from the Latin word gelatus, meaning “frozen,” is Italian ice cream. It is a dense, smooth, creamy, and flavorful frozen dessert that differs in three major ways from American ice cream: it is much lower in butterfat, it is denser, and it is served at a warmer temperature. Anyone who has had real Italian gelato knows how life changing an experience it can be. Morgan learned the art of making gelato from an artisanal gelataio (gelato maker) in Italy. Here, she shares her favorite recipes that range from the basicStracciatella (Chocolate Chip) and Crema all’Uovo (Custard) to very traditional Italian flavors such as Olio d’Oliva (Olive Oil) and Caffe (Espresso) to unusual taste sensations including Cioccolato e Peperoncino (Chocolate and Red Chili Pepper) and Torta di Mele (Apple Pie).The Art of Making Gelato begins by tracing Morgan’s path to pure Italian gelato, from selling shells and lemonade near her father’s beach restaurant to her culinary training in Italy and, finally, her own gelato business, Morano Gelato. Morgan then provides advice on choosing a gelato/ice cream machine and the other tools you’ll need to make authentic gelato at home, including a kitchen scale for measuring your ingredients. She also lists the main ingredients she uses, why she uses them, and where to find them. Step-by-step guides for making gelato and sorbetto, with photos showing each step, make it easy to get started with the 50 flavorful recipes that follow. The time for store-packaged ice cream and icy, artificially flavored gelato is over.

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