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Rosemary Shrager’s Yorkshire Breakfasts


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It’s time to reclaim our breakfast as one of the most important meals of the day and who better to show us how than Rosemary Shrager, “Queen of Breakfasts”. Rosemary’s new book takes us from munchies at 2 am to the brunchies at 11 am and presents over 75 new recipes covering: traditional English breakfast; alternative English breakfast; healthy breakfast; brunch; munchies; Special Occasion breakfast; over indulgence; and, breads, preserves and drinks. From the very simplest recipes, such as how to boil the perfect egg every time, to more extravagant dishes including Smoked Salmon with Soda Scones and Rosemary’s favourite breakfast treat – Fried Herring Roe on Buttery Toast – this title is infused throughout with glorious photos of the Yorkshire countryside where Rosemary is based.

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