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Rosemary Shrager’s Cookery Course


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Become a better cook with Rosemary Rosemary Shrager has a passion for sharing what she loves: delicious food anyone can learn to make and enjoy. With decades of experience as a chef and cookery teacher, Rosemary knows how to make even the most nervous of cooks feel confident in the kitchen. Starting with classic principles and skills, Rosemary will show you how to develop as a cook recipe-by-recipe, so each new skill is learned through practical experience. Learn how to poach a perfect egg, make the creamiest bechamel sauce, knead a light and fluffy white loaf, bake a warming chicken and potato pie from scratch. With Rosemary’s guidance and delicious dishes along the way, this is the most enjoyable way to learn to cook. With over 140 recipes, and gorgeous photography and illustrations throughout, this book is an essential for anyone who wishes they could have Rosemary by their side in the kitchen.

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