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Roast Chicken and Other Stories


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`There’s not a recipe here I don’t want to eat immediately.’ – Nigella Lawson Roast Chicken and Other Stories provides an insight into Simon Hopkinson’s unique style of unpretentious cooking with 160 of his favourite recipes. Simon Hopkinson’s forty favourite ingredients include everyday basics as potatoes, chicken and cod as well as more exotic foods such as asparagus and truffles. The cookbook is arranged alphabetically with a chapter on each food. Unable to hide his great love of food, Hopkinson writes about why he likes each particular ingredient, and gives sensible advice on quality, variety and good cooking principles together with the recipes. The book is aimed at home cooks and all the recipes can be prepared by anyone with basic cooking skills. From Grilled Augergine with Pesto to Roast Chicken and Homemade Ice Cream, Simon Hopkinson’s food is always honest and inviting, designed to please rather than simply to impress.

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