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Gino’s Italian Coastal Escape


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Everyone’s favourite Italian chef takes us on a journey of discovery, as he sails along the stunning coast of Italy to explore delicious, local food by the sea.
Off the beaten track and into the markets, kitchens and restaurants where the very best authentic, seasonal Italian ingredients and culinary traditions can be found – Gino visits tiny fishing villages and hidden beaches, as well as bigger bustling seaside resorts.
And just because he’s by the sea, it’s not all about fish and seafood, although that’s obviously a big part of the story. Gino also discovers there are plenty of other recipes to try from mouth-watering pastas, fresh salads and sumptuous desserts.This book is a collection of recipes that will delight all lovers of Italian food and give us a true taste of the beauty of the Italian coast that lies along the way.
Chapters include: Antipasti; Pasta and Rice; Pizza; Fish; Shellfish and Seafood; Poultry and Meat; Salads, Sides and Accompaniments and Desserts.
Born in Naples, Gino D’Acampo moved to the UK at 19 and rose to fame as a talented chef and popular television personality whose fresh, family-friendly Italian recipes have proved particularly popular with Waterstones customers. His bestselling cookery books include: Fantastico!, Gino’s Pasta, Italian Home Baking, Gino’s Italian Escape, Gino’s A Taste of the Sun and Gino’s Hidden Italy – which accompany the TV series exploring Italian food and the sites of Italy – as well as Pronto!, Gino’s Veg Italia and Gino’s Healthy Italian for Less. 

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