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Miguel Barclay’s Super Easy One Pound Meals


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Simple ingredients + 1 pan = stress-free meals. Minimum fuss, maximum flavour, and all for GBP1 per person.Over 90 mouthwatering recipes by the bestselling One Pound Chef.With his budget-friendly style, Miguel has created mouthwatering meals made with yet more of his clever cooking cheats and hacks. In Super Easy One Pound Meals you’ll find tasty stews, curries and chillies, but Miguel has taken this concept one step further with traditionally more complicated recipes, such as a lasagne, a roast dinner and a sweet potato pie. The majority of the recipes are made from start to finish in just one pan, (a few recipes need a second pan to boil rice, potatoes or pasta). All the recipes are super simple and perfect for a speedy lunch or a flavour-packed dinner. If you have a small kitchen, can’t be bothered with washing up or just want hassle-free meals, this is the book for you.

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