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The Everyday Baker


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More than a collection of recipes, The Everyday Baker is a comprehensive baking reference, featuring 200 step-by-step techniques that every home cook should master. In addition, The Everyday Baker provides 200 recipes that showcase sweet and savoury baked goods, with chapters on cookies, cakes, pies and tarts, flatbreads, pastries, breads and more, all featuring detailed instructions, visual cues for doneness and ingenious tips. As a veteran cookbook author and pastry chef, Abby takes home cooks by the hand, explaining techniques in her friendly, conversational tone, with 650 photos bringing the instructions to life. Throughout the book, practical, in-depth content is highlighted by finding devices that call attention to techniques needed for a recipe, thereby ensuring home cooks learn the fundamentals for successful baking. For each recipe, Abby provides the extras that make her a highly regarded baking expert: make ahead tips, flavour and size variations, and ‘baker’s wisdom’ gems that will help home cooks become more knowledgeable and confident. The Everyday Baker is packed with authoritative yet approachable information and will remain a staple on the counter as home cooks gain the skills they need to make delicious recipes.

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