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Mug Cakes: Chocolate


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Satisfy that chocolate craving as soon as it strikes with Mug Cakes: Chocolate – over 30 recipes for quick and delicious chocolate cakes that require minimal effort and time. Mix a simple batter in a mug with a fork, using whatever ingredients you have in your cupboard, microwave for a few minutes, and zap! You have a heavenly, gooey cake to indulge in all by yourself. Mug Cakes: Chocolate shares recipes for all varieties of chocolate cakes, from the simple dark chocolate; banana and chocolate; and chocolate orange to cakes which push your mug-cake-making skills to the max, like the swirl marshmallow or marble cake. Use your chocolate favourites of Nutella, Crunchie bars or Oreos and make irresistible cakes in a matter of minutes. Ideal for one (or maybe two if you’re feeling friendly), these cakes are perfect for when you’re low on ingredients or don’t want the effort of making a large cake that takes an hour to cook. When you’re looking for a quick treat – in front of the TV, for kids after school, or for an impromptu dessert – Mug Cakes: Chocolate will have you sorted. With a cute design and photographs to show you that these cakes really do turn out looking scrumptious, all you need is five minutes to spare, a microwave, and a serious cake craving!

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