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Making Bread Together


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Now he invites the kids into the kitchen so that they too can discover the joy of baking but at an early age, just as his own young son has. The book starts by answering key questions such as `what is flour?’ and `how is it milled?’ and then the projects throughout the book – e.g. looking after your sourdough like a pet; making a bottle balloon; growing your own wheat, and so on – help bring the key scientific principles (and magic!) of turning flour, yeast, and water into something not only edible but delicious to life! Delicious and fun recipes are organised into kid-friendly sections such as Breakfasts, Lunchboxes, and Afternoon Snack Time with Friends and more than 20 easy-to-follow recipes include wholemeal pitta pockets, sourdough pancakes, tiger bread, raspberry buns, sweet rice bread, and raisin and walnut rolls – all delicious, nutritious and great fun to bake together!

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