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Fresh Bread in the Morning (From Your Bread Machine)


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Wake up to the aroma of fresh bread wafting through your kitchen every morning! A dream? No. With your bread machine, it’s a reality. Push a button or two and transform what seems like a laborious, time-consuming and skilled process into a spectacularly easy affair. So why do you need this book when bread machines come with their own recipes? Well, such recipes vary, sometimes on the high side, in the amount of yeast, salt, sugar, fat and dried milk powder they contain. Annette Yates has set about reducing these ingredients and providing recipes for making loaves that are as natural as they can be. And they are delicious too. Or you can add extra ingredients – like herbs, spices, seeds, nuts, fruit, vegetables, honey, mustard and even chocolate! – and transform simple bread into something really special. Try it and see…

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