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Blueberry and maca nutri ninja smoothie

Blueberry and maca smoothie

Serves : 1Preparation time : 5 minutesNotes : Vegetarian Ingredients : 1 banana250ml oat milk2 tbsp Greek yoghurt2 tbsp (frozen) blueberries1 tbsp cashews1 tsp maca powder1...
Coconut porridge

Coconut Porridge

Preparation Time: 2 min Cooking Time time: 2 min Calories: 225 Serves: 1 This coconut porridge recipe is gluten and dairy free and is a great base for...

Carrot cake overnight oats

Prepare time: 10 min Serves: 1 The flavour really comes from the cinnamon and mixed spice. When I tried this for the first time last summer...